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Schwarzenegger on Jim Holman’s anti-abortion initiative

June 29, 2008 - 11:48 pm

On this week’s Meet the Press, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reiterated for Tom Brokaw his support for an initiative that would require doctors to notify parents 48 hours before their minor daughters are scheduled to get abortions.

The initiative will be on the California ballot in November. Similar measures—Props. 73 and 85— failed in 2005 and 2006. All three have been funded largely by Jim Holman, editor and publisher of the San Diego Reader and the California Catholic Daily. An examination of state campaign finance records shows that, all told, Holman has pumped a little more than $5 million ($5,017,058.16, to be exact) into the three campaigns, with $1.4 million being contributed in 2008 alone.

With each attempt, CityBeat has joined organizations like Planned Parenthood in opposing the initiatives because they endanger the emotional and/or physical health of girls who are in abusive family situations.

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  1. August 1, 2008 - 3:26 pm 3:26 pm

    Watched the video, didn’t find any reference to prop 4…are you SURE he said that?

  2. David Rolland permalink*
    August 1, 2008 - 3:33 pm 3:33 pm

    Here’s the transcript:

    MR. BROKAW: There’s another proposition that would require a waiting period and parental permission before a minor could get an abortion or the termination of a pregnancy. Do you support that?

    GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: Yes, I support that. I think there should be a notification of the parents, and I was always for that. And I have two daughters myself. I would not want to have someone in the school take my daughter to a clinic to get an abortion without telling me or my wife. I think one or the other should know. If my daughter decides she doesn’t want to let me know but she feels more comfortable with my wife, that’s perfectly fine with me, because my wife and I, we are partners in raising our kids. But someone, one of us both, should know, and I believe in that 100 percent.

  3. Clint permalink
    September 29, 2008 - 3:31 pm 3:31 pm

    Quoted from above:
    “With each attempt, CityBeat has joined organizations like Planned Parenthood in opposing the initiatives because they endanger the emotional and/or physical health of girls who are in abusive family situations.”

    Are you basing your opposition to Prop 4 solely on the statement above? Of all the abortions done to minors in California, how many do you really think are the result of “abusive family situations”? And do you really think you are helping these abused girls by allowing them to get these abortions & simply walk right back in to their abusive homes? I feel you are placing them at further risk…

    You talk about the “emotional and/or physical” health of these young girls, what about the others? Is it better for a minor girl who gets impregnated by a 25+ year old sexual predator to get an abortion without her parents knowing about it? Is it okay that her “emotional and/or physical” health be risked without her parents even knowing about it? Prop 4 is NOT a “Parental Consent” proposition. It is simply asking for a law that would require parental notification… Every parent deserves to know if their 13 year old daughter’s life or health is at risk. How can a parent protect their child if they don’t even know they are in danger? It is INSANE to me that people don’t see this!!! Yes, there are instances where a child is in a bad family environment & that needs to be addressed, but opposing Prop 4 is NOT the answer to that issue.


    Did you know that over 30 states already have parental/family involvement laws similar to Proposition 4 in effect. Those states have experienced a significant reduction in pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among young girls. That is a fact! Is that not a positive result?

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