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Tea Party Express II in San Diego

This weekend, the “Tea Party Express” tour kicked off its second national tour at Tuna Harbor Park in San Diego with the financial backing by Millionaire Blueprint. Here’s the propaganda video:

(Note: The video is jerky. I’ll repost when the Tea Partiers do)

So, check out the 3:55 minute mark and a conserva-folk band playing its song “Universal Health Care: A Big Fat No.”

OK, this really pissed me off. I mean, fair enough if the Tea Partiers don’t want a government-run plan, but WTF is up with them opposing some sort of other reform that results in every American having access to health care? I mean that’s a Big Fat Yes to Americans picking up the tab for poor folks who show up in emergency rooms for minor ailments.

Also, I’m not sure that Honduras is the example the US should be following, particularly when it comes to peaceful protesters:

Rosamaria Valeriano Flores was returning home from a visit to a public health clinic and found herself in a crowd of people dispersing from a demonstration in support of the ousted president, Manuel Zelaya. As she crossed the central square of the Honduran capital, a group of soldiers and police officers pushed her to the ground and beat her with their truncheons.

She said the men kicked out most of her top teeth, broke her ribs and split open her head. “A policeman spit in my face and said, ‘You will die,’ ” she said…