A Good Investment or A Bubble Burst- The Crypto-Currency Saga


Fastest growing digital assets, safe and secure, easily transferable, and widely traded cryptocurrency is here to stay. The currency traded may have a flat base right now, the roller coaster ride that the bitcoin has experienced is no less than a feat, as nearly a decade away, and it is still rooted to be the best-traded digital asset in the crypto world. There are many trading platforms that promise the moon over a fortnight, trading in binaries, cryptocurrencies, and forex. The digital platforms offer some of the simple ways to earn and make a profit when the sun is shining brightly on the digital coin system.

Traders have started using them in their own shops so that people can transact easily, and do a transaction that has a lesser fee or charge associated with cryptocurrencies. With many advantages that this highly complex digitally coded assets, that have no physicality have eased the way of doing transactions and business dealings, smart contracts have also become immensely popular and a way to bring about a cloudified platform of trade.

A Boon or Bubble waiting to Burst

  • emerging while the entire world was reeling under the impact of deep financial crisis, the cryptocurrency has stayed in along with the traditional currency system for over a decade now
  • it allows the people to bypass the traditional payment methods and simply use this high power complex mathematically derived digitally encrypted code as a mode of payment, transacting and transferring it easily from one person to the other without having to go through the various middle stream of the currency system
  • as they are digitally stored there is no fear of it getting lost or hacked as the underlying technology used is very high power machine language and blockchain technology that is very popular
  • as the Bitcoin hits the upper limit, there are impending fears that it may collapse and the entire cryptocurrency saga bubble will burst,this post aims to compare the percentage of digital assets share in the traditional markets that have slowly gained momentum,

Though the software platforms promise to give good returns, the ambiguity about the currency performance in global markets is unpredictable owing to the highly volatile market conditions, the Bitcoin Trader analyses the trending cryptocurrencies across different exchanges and gives the favorable signal to trade in different crypto exchanges easily extending the bubble that is not yet ready to burst.