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How to Use Motivation In Your Business to Earn More

How to Use Motivation In Your Business to Earn More

Use financial incentives and letters of appreciation to recognize and encourage your employees.  You will be surprised to note the following financial benefits:

Increased productivity:  Productivity will be more if employees are motivated well.  This will ensure that targets are met within deadlines and delays can be avoided.

Quality of life:  Motivation brings positive energy and reduces stress levels in the minds of employees.  This will result in a better work-life balance.  As a result, employees will lead a healthy life.  The financial rewards will serve as a source of personal wealth creation.  Employees will invest more in good options like cryptocurrency trading using apps like bitcoin trader.  Increased personal wealth will reduce frauds in the workplace.

Low absenteeism:  Workplace will no longer serve as stressful and tiresome.  Motivation will increase their interest in work.  Hence absenteeism will be very low.

Retaining good resources:  Motivated employees are satisfied with their employer and will stay loyal.  They will not switch over to other companies that easily.  Hence you need not struggle and pay more for retaining good workers.

Reduced wastage and error:  Cost of production will be low since incentives encourage them to carefully avoid wastage and errors.  That way the quality of your products will be superior.

Excellent customer satisfaction:  Motivated employees address customer needs patiently and promptly.  They will work in such a manner that customer stays delighted.  Hence a high level of customer satisfaction is possible when you have highly motivated employees.  This will make your business more successful and you will never stay out of the market.

No unrest and strikes:  Due to good motivation, there will be harmony between employees and the management.  Hence losses due to strikes can be avoided.

Good image in industry:  You will be sought after employer and the image in the industry for your business will be very good.

Encouraged innovation:  Motivation encourages employees to improve work methods.  They try to innovate and contribute ideas for improving the product.  You need not spend on hiring professionals to improve your products.

Fewer Accidents:  Motivation reduces work stress.  It increases concentration and hence accidents in work spot will be less.  This ensures a safe working atmosphere.

The cost incurred for motivating employees will be less when compared with the benefits.  Also, these benefits are long-lasting.  Make sure that the motivation efforts in your business are continuous and reasonably attractive.  Make the motivational reward process transparent and uniform.  This will undoubtedly make employees feel happy and secured.




Digital Revolution Is For everyone

Digital Revolution Is For everyone

The digital economy has opened a Pandora’s box. Countries and governments are confused whether they should accept these monetary units or not. The economists are confused as many of the old school experts do not even understand the mechanism of these monies. One thing is certain that we must start investing in this kind of currency as we have seen the value appreciate in the last few years.

The blockchains and virtual web etc. are and the mechanism is also easy to understand. But it is not possible to be a part of the blockchains, which are essentially closed groups and with completely de-centralized authority. So the only way for common people to get some virtual money is through trading. Many online trading programs have been introduced in the market recently and some of the algorithms have been doing quite well.

You can get these coins through trading

The source, of our review, is an expert financier and knows about the mechanism of the blockchains and trading both. When we think of trading we also think of the cost involved and the security of our investment. The program endorsed here, the Bitcoin Trader does not charge any fee. The cost involved as charges for the use of the system and fees paid to the broker is nil. Whatever amount you can spare from your savings can be used in investing.

The security aspect is also well taken care of. The program employs SSL protocols that prevent any phishing attempt into the data and accounts. The apprehensions in the minds of economists are justified as the values of these currencies keep fluctuating. But that is what happens in all the stocks, tangible ones of other companies. That is what keeps the stock market volatile and unpredictable.

Unlimited savings for future

A blockchain is limited to the participants. But with the help of trading algorithms, you can be a part of many currencies at the same time, which is one of the biggest advantages of this trading mechanism. Do not think about its name, it helps you buy and sell many reputable digital currencies. This allows people to invest the usual currency of their country and get back virtual currency in their trading accounts. The robot can also help them execute trades if they set the right limits and instructions.

The future of human species seems very dismal if we keep doing what we are doing and do not change the thought processes. It makes sense to save the valuable resources and start using the virtual mode for everything that is possible. Virtual money and virtual transactions will be a big move in this direction. Ensure the security aspect and reliability from expert reviews and then start investing. Your virtual future will be more secure than you think.




Impact Of Women Participation In Economic Development

Impact Of Women Participation In Economic Development

In recent years, the growth of women entrepreneur is incredible and they started to play a key role in almost every sector of the business.  Women started to discover their paths in many new fields and transforming those fields into a success. Their approach towards the business organization seems to be innovative and successful.  Before, it was like a myth, that women are meant only for household work including cooking, cleaning, and others.  But time has changed to shift them from household into a workplace due to Globalization and rapid Industrialization.  Women also actively take part in the business in order to contribute to national development. Once Entrepreneurship was considered to be meant for men and it was dominated by them. But now, people started realizing that women are also a good organizer who is capable of managing things even in a complex situation.

Women have reached a great height in almost every field right and they also started to focus on trading and they also play a key role as a stock market investor, bitcoin trader and so on.  Their innovative ideas and good managing skills have made them reach such great heights in the business. Many of them are considered as an inspirational entrepreneur as well as a good competitor in workplaces.  The participation of women in ancient times was less and they have no role to play in the growth of the economy.  But now, they started seeking various job opportunities in almost every sector thereby contributing to the economy of the country.  All these are possible due to increased awareness among the people for women education, changing social and cultural values, the importance of women and their roles, need of additional income for the family in the current world.  All these factors made the women enter into the world of income generation and made them be a successful entrepreneur as well as a good employee in the workplaces.

The Government has to play an important role in order to support the women and need to take necessary steps in promoting them by various self-awareness programmes. Women should be properly trained and various vocational training should be organized to equip them and mold them to be successful women in society.  When they are provided with good education and good exposure, also with adequate knowledge and training, they try to improve themselves as major contributors in the growth of the country as well as in the economic development.


Here’s How You Can Make Money Using The Bitcoins In 2018

Here’s How You Can Make Money Using The Bitcoins In 2018

It is the era of the Bitcoins more than the cryptocurrencies, as, still, the people are interested in the idea of Bitcoins when it comes to the cryptocurrencies. From its early introduction to unstoppable growth, and adaptability, many factors might contribute to this successful situation of the Bitcoins, which, we are sure, you are too so eager to appreciate by becoming an active participant or the active user of the Bitcoins! What if we say that your intention can as well make you so prosperous? Impossible to believe? Then, find these 3 ways that could help you grow your money by supporting your cause of being an active Bitcoin pursuer!

  • Investing

The best way to appreciate the Bitcoins is by investing in them aka buying and holding them for a long that would also offer you the opportunity to raise your fortune! Particularly, the Buying and Holding option is the best way for the Bitcoins because they are still a nascent concept and attaining the stability might obviously take a certain amount of time, as is the case with any new asset in the financial world! That too when you have the brilliant means like the automated cryptocurrency trading robot to discover your best profitable market situation to sell the Bitcoins, would this idea be any daunting? Not, at all and for further info on this, check this post!


  • A Bitcoin Website

If you are an ardent Bitcoin follower, who is up to date with the information regarding the Bitcoins, perhaps, you can use this situation of yours to your favor by building a website/blog dedicated to the Bitcoins and Bitcoins only! Of course, Bitcoin is one of the most searched keywords and therefore, when you have quality content to share to the eager minds, that can fetch you more money in the name of Ads, Bitcoin affiliate programs, sponsors and so on!


  • Bitcoin lending

Perhaps, lending is one of the oldest methods to multiply one’s fortune, which is, still, applicable for this digital currency known as the Bitcoins! So, when you lend a trusted borrower with the needed money, you are paid back after the stipulated time period with the added interest that helps your fortune to increase tremendously! The same is the case here, where you lend the Bitcoins to the trusted users, for which there are reliable peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending websites in existence that ensure the whole process is trustworthy and remains satisfactory for everyone!

Although you require no special skills to engage in this practice, always remember to go via the trusted lending practice to safeguard your valuable Bitcoins!

Trading Using Cryptocurrencies

Trading Using Cryptocurrencies

This is one of the most lucrative offers that one can resist, given that you know the strategy and trading professionally. Otherwise, this could prove fatal to you, given the volatility of the currencies.

Normally the trading of the stocks is also a volatile episode during few phases, but this bitcoin and other crypto are mostly volatile all the times, due to a lot of factors that go behind it. well, if you are really interested in trading with cryptocurrencies, read some tips here.

Trading platform:

Well, unlike the other trading scenarios, where you need to get in touch with a broker and open an account through them and then start your trading journey; this is a complete online trading system, which has only exchanges to enable the trading. Even in forex trading, you have well established reputed companies to help you in trading, cryptocurrency trading isn’t all that easy going.

But, here is the boon in a different way, you have automated trading system, that enables you to leave the trading worries aside and put your money in trading, without the worries of knowledge and experience. These systems are totally autopiloted, run by software that has been designed and executed based on algorithms. These algorithms pick up the trading opportunities available in the profit zone and give your money a great return at any point in time.

There are many platforms in this regard, like the Bitcoin Trader which is the most simple and legal in the online world. This post will help you understand the way to trade with online platforms.

Getting associated with Exchange:

In cryptocurrency trading, you need to directly get associated or registered with the exchange that enables the trade of bitcoins and Ethereum. There are over 50+ exchanges that are available for you to get registered. You get reviews about them online, to check whether they are genuine, offers you all the currencies available and also gives you all the payment modes.

Getting registered:

You need to register to the exchange first and then do the verification process and start your journey, instead, you can opt for going online completely, enrolling there takes only a few minutes and will give you all the features of an exchange associated platform, with an additional benefit of being more return-oriented than others.

Just your personal information and all other details like your interest, possible payment mode and your choice of currency and others. with all these you can start your journey and earn returns as early as from week1.


Why Research And Development Expenses Are Important For Your Business?

Why Research And Development Expenses Are Important For Your Business?

Business is averse towards spending on research thinking that it is a costly affair and does not have any use.  But in reality, R&D expenses provide solid benefits to your business in the long run.  Here are the reasons why R&D expenses are inevitable:

To stay in business:  These expenses are to be incurred to make you stay in business.  Constant research makes your product distinct.  It helps in product improvement and customer satisfaction.  So long as the customer is happy, your business will not be out of the market.

To pioneer in the field:  To pioneer in a field is indeed a proud moment and helps in building the image of your business.  R&D expenses help in introducing things first in the market so that your customers remember you longer and stay more loyal to you.

To hone skills:  R&D is needed in every aspect of your business.  It helps in improving the efficiency with which work is done in your business.  It eliminates all those wasteful activities and makes the employees work in a smarter way.  Thus, tuning up the skills of employees is possible with R&D expenses.

To harvest technological improvement benefits:  R&D expenses help to reap the benefits of improved technology.  For example, latest apps like bitcoin trader help the investor to get the benefits of cryptocurrency which is a technological improvement.

To improve group spirit:  R&D expenses result in improved employee involvement.  This results in better group spirit and increased productivity which improves profit margin.

Cost-benefit analysis is needed to find whether the amount spent on research and the yield it provides are justifiable.  Since these expenses are usually high, and the cost of any fruitless research will invite huge losses.  Hence care should be taken to incur R&D expenses with a clear goal and purpose.

Benefits in production:  R&D expenses improve speed and quality of production.  They help in finding out new products and services which result in customer delight.  Also, these expenses reduce cost and wastages.  Hence the business is benefitted immensely by incurring these expenses.

Benefits out of market research:  R&D expenses incurred on market research help in getting valuable customer data.  Hence demand pattern can be predicted with more accuracy.  Reasons for low-profits can be ascertained and mistakes can be rectified.  Market research expenses result in adjusting the product based on customer feedback which improves sales level.  In a few cases, it even helps a product to start its second-innings in the market.


BitMix For The Safe Anonymous Transactions

   BitMix For The Safe Anonymous Transactions

In online the bitmix acts as a bitcoin mixing service. The bitmix helps in the protection of the bitcoin. The service of the bitmix is to take your bitcoin and it is mixed with the other deposits and in return, the same amount of bitcoin will be given. It ensures the prevention of the tracking of the bitcoin and has the anonymous transparent network of the bitcoin.

Two different websites are available for the bitmix in online, one is called, which is having the recent trend and the second one is the which provides the mixing services but it is found to be less legitimate.

Working of BitMix

BitMix working is similar to the working of the bitcoin mixer services and this platform gives the anonymous bitcoin transactions. All your transactions in the network of the bitcoin are found to be traceable. Anyone can see the bitcoin wallet of yours and they can trace the transactions of whom you have sent the coins and the amount of money transacted and to whom you have send the bitcoin in the particular time period.

Your bitcoin wallet is traceable by using your identity even if you have secured the wallet. It is more risk and you will be harnessed by the criminals through which the tax problems and the other law enforcement will disturb you. For the bitcoin exchange KYC verification is required and therefore your personal identification is attached to the bitcoin what you have purchased through that exchange.

To ensure that you had got back the bitcoin every time during the service the platform uses the 12 symbol code and you have to save this code and you can get your bitcoin at any time in the future.

How to use BitMix?

Mixing of your coins in the online by the BitMix and the key features of this includes:

  1. i) Fully anonymous

On completion of your transaction, all the information will be deleted regarding the transactions.

  1. ii) Instant transfer

When your transaction is confirmed money will be transacted instantly.

iii) Partner program

For every invited user, BitMix gives the payment.

BitMix fees

About 0.8% to 3% is charged as a mining fee. During mixing your bitcoins you can set the fee manually. The time taken for the processing is about 24 hours, although it gives instant transaction, it depends upon the current service load.

BitMix is the straightforward website and it is legitimate and you can use this service online and learn more about it.

Top Reasons for Avoiding An Investment

Top Reasons for Avoiding An Investment


While there may multiple advantages which might attract investors to invest in a choice, these are the top reasons which make investors panic and decline the investment:

  1. Market risk: This type of risk occurs because of certain happenings which affect the entire market.  For example bankruptcy news of a leading corporate house.


The types of market risk are as follows:

Equity risk: It is the risk of a decrease in the market price of shares.

Interest rate risk: This is the risk of monetary loss because of the change in the rate of interest.

Currency risk: Occurs due to fluctuation in forex rates.  Basically, foreign investments are affected by currency risk


  1. Liquidity risk:


Certain investments are not easily resaleable.  Hence converting the money invested again into cash becomes tough.  This is known as liquidity risk.  In the case of cryptocurrency trading, the amount invested can be withdrawn at any time.  There is no fear of liquidity.  Apps like bitcoin trader facilitate even persons without experience and knowledge to trade in cryptocurrency easily.  Read this to learn more about it.


  1. Concentration risk:

The risk arising out of accumulating all the funds in the same type of investment is known as concentration risk.  For example, a person investing all his funds in the shares of an oil company would taste loss when oil prices fall globally.  This will immediately result in a fall in the price of shares of the oil companies.  If the entire funds are invested in an oil company, then chances are there that the entire investments will be wiped.


  1. Credit risk:

This risk applies to bonds.  When the government runs into trouble due to instability the bonds may not be repaid on maturity.


  1. Reinvestment risk:

The risk of reinvesting the capital in comparatively low return investment options is known as reinvestment risk.


  1. Inflation risk:

‘Too much of money chasing too few goods’ is the definition for Inflation.  Due to increasing inflation purchasing power comes down.  Over a period of time, the same amount of money which was used to buy a certain number of shares may not be sufficient to buy the same number of shares.


  1. Horizon risk:

Due to unexpected events like job loss, disability etc. if income earning capacity is shortened, the investor is said to have a small investment horizon.


  1. Longevity risk:

Living too long may result in outliving savings.  This risk is high in the case of aged persons.




 The 7 Best Places To Put Your Savings

Everyone’s question is where I have to put my money? No one will be willing to invest their money into high-risk investments even though there is an opportunity for the large return of the money. That is the savings are allowed to grow slowly without any risk. They can use the online banking of saving accounts. Let us discuss the different types of savings accounts.

1) Savings accounts

The bank and the credit unions provide the savings account. Up to specified limits, the amount in the deposit is insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation (FDIC). If more than the limited transactions taking place means the service fee will be charged per month. The interests for the saving account are considered to be very low, whereas the online banking provides large yielding with the savings accounts.

2) High yielding bank account

FDIC insured savings account will get highest interest rate than any other savings accounts. It requires a large initial deposit and low access and therefore it gives more money.

3) Certificates of deposits (CDs)   

They are given by the bank and the credit union. You have to keep your money in CDs for some specific time, Otherwise the three months interest has assessed a penalty. The matured period is 6months,1 year and 5 years. Earned interest is added to the matured CDs and it is renewed.

4) Money market funds

It is a mutual fund invests only in low-risk funds. It provides short time interest rates Money market fund is regulated by securities and exchange commissions.

5) Money market deposit accounts

Bank issues these money market deposit accounts. The minimum requirement for opening this account is you have to deposit initial amount, only minimum number of transactions per month. If the proper balance is not maintained means penalty will be assessed. Even though the interest rate in this deposit is low, the access to cash is a flexible one. You can become rich in investing your money in cryptocurrency. Government produces fake cryptocurrency to avoid crypto code scam

6) Treasury bills and notes

Treasury bills and notes are considered to be the safest investment. A treasury refers to the U.S government bills or notes. It is free from state and local taxes. The maturity of the bill is equal to its face value. The interest is the value difference between the purchase and its face values.

7) Bonds

Governments, municipalities and various companies issues bonds. It is a low-risk investment. You are lending money to the issuers in terms of bonds

Thus savings should be invested in low-risk returns. As the interest rate is constantly changing, you have to analyze thoroughly before the commitment of money into savings account for your most savings.
















































3 Things All Successful Forex Traders Diligently Follow

Needless to say, there is no magic formula that will help you to succeed in the Forex market. It is a bottomless pit that requires a blend of patience, perseverance, the presence of mind, talent and the right set of equipment. Yet another thing that is of paramount importance is experience gained from the market. However, not everyone comes in with skill sets and experience. First-timers are often intimidated by the fact that their lack of knowledge will make them lose all their money in the market. If you are a beginner, all hope is not lost because of the technological advancements made by the Forex market. A lot of beginners are now trading a lot more than before because of Forex trading robots like the Crypto Code.

While trading with these tools, you get to learn so much more about the different skills required in the Forex market and you can eventually gather all the experience that you need to make it big in Forex. Some people might scare you with things like the Crypto Code scam and such but a little bit of research at your own will convince you to believe in the system. Here is a list of the 3 other things that successful Forex traders will tell you about.

  1. The right approach

It is wise to know which field of Forex you are good at. This is why the right approach towards the right segment is important. You should have a personal goal in mind and should prepare yourself with the right set of instruments to function in the concerned market. If you are efficient in handling retail stocks then it is a good idea to stick to that field instead of venturing into other areas like oil stocks or futures.

  1. The right attitude

Successful trading demands discipline, patience, and perseverance. The right mindset and attitude will help you to reach your goals. While taking risks is an inevitable part of being a trader, it is also important to have the patience to let the price reach a certain point before you think of taking different routes. Being emotionally detached is the best thing you could do. The second best thing is to have realistic goals. The market is much bigger than you are and will always be so trying to outsmart the market every second day will not help.

  1. The right strategy

Profitability in the Forex market depends on the strategy that you own. If you can manage and execute the trade efficiently in the right direction then you have all the potential to succeed. Pay attention to the small losses as much as the big losses because they can add up to a staggering amount before you know it.