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Chloe Harvey

Ether Is The Way To Go

Mr. Marc Weston dared to go where most experienced investors were too scared to even step in. this arena is Cryptocurrency and it is still shrouded in the currency due to the technical jargon of software and block chains surrounding it. People are discussing the details everywhere, in workplaces and parties, boardrooms to parties, as everyone wants to understand the process and start making some digital money.

The past and the present

Virtual currency as a medium of investment was unthinkable till some years ago. People started to use it as a means of online payment in closed groups, people who were all software or programming experts. But soon its popularity reached to financial experts and they recognized the amazing opportunity that these digital currencies had for everyone.

However, everyone cannot be a part of block chains. They need an alternative source or mechanism. That is when Mr. Marc Weston and his able partner launched their amazing idea in the form of a trading program that can trade in these digital currencies. This one program Ethereum Code review has been able to make many people rich without even worrying about the mechanism of block chains or security of the program because the developers have taken care of all the aspects. Everyone can use the program and trade like an experienced trader as the robot helps them at every stage.


Important features


The main aspects are amazing and provide ample opportunity to the experienced and newbies alike.


  1. The system is completely automated and free for every investor.
  2. The brokers are genuine and well-known names.
  3. The system is simple to operate and has very clear instructions that even a beginner can understand and follow easily.
  4. The brokers associated with this system are well-established firms and that have a valid license to guide and trade online in digital currencies.
  5. Latest technology ensures that people can use any device from anywhere in the world. This also enables people to use the operating system of their choice.
  6. The customer care team is well trained to guide and help the traders. They are always available to answer the questions of investors.
  7. The initial deposit is very nominal and even this 250 Dollars is used towards trading. The program uses every Dollar towards investment and optimizes the money.


The algorithm is equipped with data analytic tools that help it to utilize the data efficiently and come up with pretty accurate signals. This amazing program may have been launched quite recently, but it has been recommended by the experts for its consistent good results as that is what is really important. We also endorse and give our thumbs up to this trustworthy program for making some digital currency.

Ace crypto trading with these quick tips

Cryptocurrencies have been used for online transactions and as a trading instrument for the past few years. As the demand has been increasing unstoppably we also find a lot of new trading bots like Bitcoin Trader and the lines. Is it a safe option to rely on the bots? If you choose a genuine crypto trading bot then your funds are safe. But there are scams in the market that you should be warned about.

If you have chosen a great crypto trading bot and if you have been gaining steady profits then there is one more thing that you should do- get into the details about crypto trading.

Hone your crypto trading skills and watch what your crypto bot does. This would give you valuable lessons to learn from. And in no time you would find yourself understanding the market better and thus become a better trader.

Start with a good exchange

You would have to choose the crypto currency exchange wisely. Each exchange might be recommended for a particular crypto currency. Take bitcoin, for example, Coinbase is one of the most popular and the most trusted source of purchasing bitcoins. The fees might be high but the reliability is what draws people. So remember that when you start your journey you would be paying not just for the currency you buy but also the attached fees.

Do not ignore your instincts

Fundamental and technical analyses would have to be done to make trading decisions. But do not fully ignore your instincts. Sometimes when you watch the market get yourself updated with the latest news and when you see a pattern develop you should also consider listening to your instincts.

Market’s tops should not be feared

The top crypto currencies at any given point might be expensive compared with the low cap ones. But these are the ones that might also give you steady profits. No matter how much growth a particular coin has seen so far, if the market has a strong belief in that currency then it is likely to keep growing. This is what happened with Bitcoin and other such popular coins.

Watch out for the sought after ICOs

Not all ICOs are profitable. But there might be some that the market is looking forward to eagerly. Read the predictions by experts and the crypto traders across the world. After all the growth in value depends a lot on the investor opinions.

Bitcoin Trader – One Stop Solution in Crypto Currency Trading

Bitcoin Trader is an online investment tool that helps people trade on various cryptocurrencies. It is a crypto trading robot which means that it works on the automated system. The investment decisions are taken by the system. The users have to just sit and watch the robot generate profits on their behalf.

The technology that is making people rich

The Robot does all the trading. Now how much of this is true? Can a machine decide which trade will result is maximum profits to the user? The answer lies in the complex algorithms and high-speed calculations used to interpret the market trend. This, in turn, will help the robot to identify the deals that can generate good profits for the trader. The software operates with high levels of accuracy thus making it possible to execute trades with 99% success rate. They also claim to have trade day without any loss. All this comes free of cost to the trader as he has to only spend the amount he wishes to invest.

Getting started

The way to earning steady income is now at the fingertips of the person wishing to subscribe to this website:

  • Claim Free License – Fill in the online registration form and obtain the trading license.
  • $250 Initial deposit – The user is required to fund his initial trades by making an investment of $250. There is no limit on the maximum amount as such.
  • Start trading – One can opt for the auto-pilot feature initially and then once the trader gains the required experience he can move on to the manual mode.

Online Research

It is easy to fall prey to fake software available in the market as this industry seems to be one which has seen the most number of scams. It is the responsibility of the user to check for the trustworthiness of the trading platform before he decides to invest his time and money in it. Go with the authentic and safe websites recommended by the top reviewers in the industry. Bitcoin Trader has some very amazing positive feedback from the customers. Their testimonials will provide more confidence to the potential investor.

The Bitcoin Trader is a trustworthy software which offers an excellent trading experience to both newcomers as well as professional traders. It has partnered with some of the reputed online brokers in the industry. People wanting to enhance their earnings within a limited period of time should definitely visit Bitcoin Trader.

 Look For These In A Trading Software

A genuine trading software means different things to different people. When traders enter the trading market, their expectations about the market and their ambitions are different and it is absolutely not a possibility for this field to have everything in store for all the traders in satisfying their desires and a typical example for this is the all-time profit situation. This is just not possible here because no trading software promises to help all its players online with profits for this cannot happen. When there is a winner there has to be a loser and this is the law of nature. Now this being a definite happening, traders should be more cautious in making their deposits in the various trades. Now that they know that not all trades can fetch them a profit, it is definitely possible for them to make a choice between the various trade opportunities, look into the one that looks more feasible and profitable and then step forward to make their deposits here. There are a lot of things that make this possible and one among them, the most important one is the trading platform they have decided to trade on.

Proof of reliability

There are a lot of things that prove a trading software to be a genuine one. This is something not very easily identifiable for they need more interrogations and investigation and a lot of time needs to be spent in the market in researching about the same at the end of which the trader would be able to make a decision about it. Now here are few things that would help in identifying a trading software as a genuine one in general;

  • A reliable trading platform is one which primarily makes its access a very simple and easy one. Yes, a trader will never find it difficult to toggle from one page to the other. Such platforms also keep their entry formalities very simple making it a feasible option for traders of all kinds.
  • It tries to tell and talk everything about it, its owners etc… Now for traders, this might not look that very important but it is essential in making a background check on the system.
  • There is complete transparency and the trader is never kept away from any secrets about the system. Whatever the system knows, the traders know.

There are many such systems in the market and one among them, which is an approved reliable one is the Crypto CFD trader and this is clear from its full review.

Saving for future for a better life

To save for future should be the motto of your life. Or else in future, you will be running around to collect money to pay for expenses and other unforeseen incidents. The habit of saving should be cultivated from the time you get employed. Do not keep it for later on and think that you are too young to start saving. Before you plan on saving and investment, do go through the following steps.

Step 1- First thing you are required to do is to prepare a budget.  You should be realistic about the financial situation of your household and set an attainable and honest target in relation to your spending. You need to be serious about the saving and make a plan about what are you going to do with the money.

Step 2- You need to have a clear idea about your cash flow.  You have to review the expenses and income and understand the spending habits. Take measures to change things which you feel are going overboard.

Step 3– If you are married, teamwork and communication are quite important. Both of you should be in consensus on the budget and plan.

Step 4- Choose the option to invest. There are many options available in the market to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, insurance, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc. The easiest and quickest way to earn good return among the lot is trading in cryptocurrency market. You can trade online through Crypto CFD trader.  It is one of the best software available in the market and to know more about you could read the crypto CFD trader review here.

Step 5- You need to review each and everything you pay.  All your savings, investment, and expenditure have to be reviewed periodically so that if you are more money in hand and are spending unnecessarily, you can invest that additional sum elsewhere.

Step 6- Always take your children into consideration while you save and invest. Try to inculcate the habit of saving on them from childhood. They will want to follow everything you do, so be a good role model.

The above-mentioned strategies will assist you to save for your financial goals and stick to the budget. Do set aside ample amount of time to make it happen. Try to start immediately or else something or other will come up and you will get distracted.  Do understand the importance of investment and savings, but also don’t forget to enjoy the life.

Debunk Trading Myths In 3 Easy Steps

The market is abounding with trading myths. Everyone seems to have a myth of his own and it all adds up to form a huge cycle of myths that never ends. The layman who might have no clue about trading seems to have 10 myths around it and you, as a trader, might feel hurt or insulted when these myths are hurled at you. Before these trading myths get to your mind, read about them here and debunk each one of them.

  1. Making fast-cash is your only target

This is the biggest and the most dangerous myth that one could think of. Making fast money seems to be a common aim and taking high risks for the same is even commoner. However, successful traders will always ask you to take it slow. Trading is more about enjoying the process and learning about it at the same time than taking big risks and losing a lot of money. Your target should be to minimize the risks as far as possible and understand the market deeply.

  1. You can’t crack a single trade without trading expertise

A lot of beginners are intimidated by the idea of trading because they believe that trading requires a great deal of expertise and experience. This is a myth. It is true that a certain level of trading does require some kind of experience to crack the technicalities but with automated trading bots in the market, even beginners can make a good amount of money without any prior experience.

One such software is the Ethereum Code. This software has an automated mode that places trades on your behalf. All you have to do is sign-up for free and have an initial deposit to start trading. This deposit will always remain in your account and you can withdraw it whenever you wish to. The Ethereum Code is meant for beginners as well as experts because it has an automated mode as well as a manual mode of trading.

  1. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t make it big

The size of your trading account is not directly related to your profits in the market. Even if you have a big account, you can lose all your money on the very first day if you are not careful. On the other hand, you can start with a small trading account and take calculated steps to make it a big account in a year or so. It entirely depends on how you place your trades and how the market behaves.

Do you have too much money?

It has never been easier than in the present to become rich. One trend that is catching up is the use of automated trading systems like the Ethereum code that provide a platform for the experienced and the novice to enter the field of trading and make profits. Find out more about this software and learn how to increase your wealth.

While making money seems to be really simple remaining wealthy has become a challenge for many with taxes skyrocketing. Not only that the wealthy always attract unscrupulous elements who are always on the lookout to rob the rich. Here are a few ways you can hope to retain your wealth.

  1. Lead a simple life: One of the most important rules that all those who wish to safeguard their wealth follow is to live a simple life. You do not have to flaunt your wealth. Begin with driving a car that is economical. Whenever possible take the public transport; this not only is beneficial for your pocket but also for the environment as your carbon footprint becomes smaller.

Live modestly, of course, that doesn’t mean giving up comforts and simple luxuries that give you pleasure but don’t be showy and attract undue attention. Simple living will not affect your bonus or salary increment which might otherwise suffer due to the unnecessary display of wealth as most people think why should the rich get any richer.

  1. Don’t let out real financial worth: There certainly will be times when you want to scream your wealth from the top of a building, but why attract the attention of unscrupulous friends and relatives besides alerting the taxman. It is nobody’s business to know how much your annual income is; it is better to keep your income under wraps. Not everyone will be happy with your success and often your wealth may stand in the way of your progress at your workplace.
  2. Have a diversified investment portfolio: The richest of the rich always diversify their assets to protect their wealth in case one fails, the others can still bail them out. Thus, don’t invest everything in real estate or private equity, cryptocurrencies etc. but spread it out evenly.
  3. Be charitable: Not everyone might be lucky like you and have tons saved in bank accounts and other assets. The world is full of unfortunate people who can do with a helping hand; give your time and money liberally to these people and you will find a new meaning in your life. You can set up a charitable trust for various causes across the city.


Things Related To KYC Norms For Ethereum Trading

Almost every country, actively participating in electronic money transactions has advised all its financial institutions to strictly follow certain customer identification procedure. The main purpose is to effectively monitor the transactions taking place and to report any suspicious nature to the concerned authority.

The compliance of financial firms with the standards like Anti Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism has indeed become necessary for international financial relations. A Master circular has been issued by the top monetary authority on ‘eKnow Your Customer’ or eKYC norm and Anti Money Laundering Act.

The main objectives of this circular include

  • To frame a policy based on recommendations from Financial Action Task Force and to abide by it
  • Prevent any kind of external elements from money laundering activities in a non-professional manner
  • To have a better understanding of its customers and their risk-free financial dealings
  • Create scheduled criteria for the customer acceptance
  • Establish steps to verify customer’s bonafide identity
  • Tracking of high-value exchanges especially that of immoral nature
  • To take appropriate measures against customers for conducting due diligence kind of transactions
  • Stick to the applicable law and regulatory guidelines
  • To constantly check whether staffs are well-informed and trained in norm procedures

The four vital elements of the eKYC policy include

  1. Procedures to accept a Customer:
  • Collecting data of borrowers including individual or firm to whom financial assistance is to be provided
  • Know about the investors who raise the financial resources
  • No dealings fictitious names or terrorist’s
  • No clients with criminal background
  • Necessary to submit filled-document
  • Timely verification is ensured
  1. Steps to Customer Identification:
  • Identity confirming documents are verified for maintaining financial relationships
  • It can be also performed during a transaction when the authenticity of the client is in doubt
  • Submit documents of address or location with photographs and signatures
  • Legal status of the client is also checked
  1. Regular Checking and Tracking of Transactions made
  • Considering the risk profile
  • Transaction records are preserved
  1. Effective Management Risk Elements
  • Reputation: This can be maintained only with the support of individual customers or investors
  • Compliance with banking operations
  • Operational failure due to any internal or external intruders or events
  • Internal Auditors make a regular check with regard to its functioning

This policy is made with regard to the welfare of customers and the soft copies or digital form is available as e-KYC which is important for online Ethereum trading. So read more about Ethereum Code and enjoy a successful and secure trading.










Delving Deeper Into The Subject Of Leverage In CFDs

The ‘Contract For Difference’ or CFD in short, is a steadily growing trading practice that has earnestly captured the attention of the eager traders, who are willing to experience an uncomplicated trading practice that is topped with profitability as the perk due to the powerful concept of leverage supporting it. Yes, CFD is assuredly an uncomplicated trading practice, where apart from its straightforward protocols, you are pleasingly exempted from owning the underlying asset physically, which in turn prevents you from facing too many inconveniences like, transportation (in case of commodities), storage, maintenance charges, security and so on.

With the added advantage known as the leverage, the merits of CFD trading practice has only increased multifold, which we are here to discuss a little detailed.

What is leverage?

Leverage is a concept of this CFD trading approach, in where, the trader is exposed to a worthier trading position, despite the lower trading capital and therefore, the ability to enjoy a more profitable outcome during a favorable scenario, and at the same time, to incur devastating losses during an unfavorable market scenario is very well possible.



How does it work?

Let’s understand this with a simple example. Let’s say you are eager to buy 100 shares of a company, whose per share price is 100$. If you are approaching to buy them using any traditional approach that devoid the concept of leverage, you are expected to pay 100×100 = 10000$ to acquire the required number of shares. If these shares make a profit of 20$ each, then your entire profitability stands at 2000$, whereas for a loss of 20$ each, your entire loss would be still 2000$ only.

If you have decided to approach these shares with the concept of CFD trading practice, where the margin requirement is only 10% as decided by the broker, you only have to pay 10% of 10000 that is 1000$ to open the position, appreciably. In the event of a profitable scenario, as discussed above, your profitability would be still 2000$, which is twice the invested amount. But, during a loss situation, you would lose twice your initial deposit, which needless to say is, devastating.

What can be traded

From the conventional stocks to contemporary cryptocurrencies, everything can be traded using the CFD approach, satisfactorily. With the surging growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies if you are so eager to trade them using this CFD trading approach then, do so with the help of automated trading platform like the Crypto VIP Club that can boost the profitability of your trading practice by accurately predicting the market movements, any day! To better know it’s working, this Crypto VIP Club review is the best!

Fortune favors only the brave!

Nothing will get done unless you make it happen!

These words still ring true. It has been twenty years since I heard my favorite teacher at school Mrs. Sequira tell them whilst she was taking a lesson in literature. I remember the story that she was teaching that day so vividly and the moral of the story, of course, has stayed with me all these years.

Life’s challenges:

Twenty years hence, who would have thought that challenges will come and shatter you still you need to pick yourself up and get at it again.

The recession was the worst phase of my life:

When the recession hit, I was not prepared. I never saw it coming. I had been deliberating to go back to college to equip myself with a further degree but I kept procrastinating. In the hindsight, I realize that I was lacking courage. I was scared that I would not be able to make it up with work and a year or two spent at the university albeit even part time would make me lose out in the corporate race with my contemporaries.

How wrong I was!
How I wish I had better equipped myself. The day the company starting downsizing I was on their first list of people to go home. There was nothing I could argue for my case. I was shattered and I collected my things to get back. That night was the worst ever.

A few days later, I read about online trading and checked out software called the QProfit System. I was too depressed to even do a background check on them. I put in the initial deposit of $250 and began trading.

Today, I think I was really reckless in putting my money there without even knowing what I was doing but hey! The best part was that this software not only turned out to be a legit one but it helped me gain my confidence back. It was like a game changer.

And I thought to myself: “Why not?”

This is exactly what I thought. Trading online and even being able to make a small amount as profit in the first week gave me immense confidence. I knew that losing my job was no big thing. There must be other things that I could do to survive. This confidence was enough to let me keep going. In a couple of months, I had perfected my trading skills, it is five years today and I can tell you that that first step into it made a big difference. You can read more about QProfit System on my blog. Follow the link at the bottom of this page.