BitMix For The Safe Anonymous Transactions

   BitMix For The Safe Anonymous Transactions

In online the bitmix acts as a bitcoin mixing service. The bitmix helps in the protection of the bitcoin. The service of the bitmix is to take your bitcoin and it is mixed with the other deposits and in return, the same amount of bitcoin will be given. It ensures the prevention of the tracking of the bitcoin and has the anonymous transparent network of the bitcoin.

Two different websites are available for the bitmix in online, one is called, which is having the recent trend and the second one is the which provides the mixing services but it is found to be less legitimate.

Working of BitMix

BitMix working is similar to the working of the bitcoin mixer services and this platform gives the anonymous bitcoin transactions. All your transactions in the network of the bitcoin are found to be traceable. Anyone can see the bitcoin wallet of yours and they can trace the transactions of whom you have sent the coins and the amount of money transacted and to whom you have send the bitcoin in the particular time period.

Your bitcoin wallet is traceable by using your identity even if you have secured the wallet. It is more risk and you will be harnessed by the criminals through which the tax problems and the other law enforcement will disturb you. For the bitcoin exchange KYC verification is required and therefore your personal identification is attached to the bitcoin what you have purchased through that exchange.

To ensure that you had got back the bitcoin every time during the service the platform uses the 12 symbol code and you have to save this code and you can get your bitcoin at any time in the future.

How to use BitMix?

Mixing of your coins in the online by the BitMix and the key features of this includes:

  1. i) Fully anonymous

On completion of your transaction, all the information will be deleted regarding the transactions.

  1. ii) Instant transfer

When your transaction is confirmed money will be transacted instantly.

iii) Partner program

For every invited user, BitMix gives the payment.

BitMix fees

About 0.8% to 3% is charged as a mining fee. During mixing your bitcoins you can set the fee manually. The time taken for the processing is about 24 hours, although it gives instant transaction, it depends upon the current service load.

BitMix is the straightforward website and it is legitimate and you can use this service online and learn more about it.