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Do you know what kind of trader you want to become?

Do you know what kind of trader you want to become?

The market is so vast that to excel as a trader you must specialize in a specific sector. If you are new and no nothing about the various markets read on.

Typically, the five markets listed below are those in demand and will need your complete attention and expertise. The reason that you can specialize only in one field is because you require special skill sets to understand the intricacies of the trade and how the changing socio-economic and political scenario will affect the various factors governing a specific market; your goal as a trader must always be to maximize profits and look at opportunities to reduce losses.

  1. Fixed Income Trader: The name is self-explanatory. These traders deal in securities that will generate fixed income. Usually, as a fixed income trader, you will be attached to an investment firm. Your job there will involve buying these securities and selling them to clients; the client will pay additionally your fees for the services rendered. As a trader in this segment, you must assimilate various securities in a wide range to provide your client with a diversified portfolio.
  2. Share Trader: When people talk about trading they are referring to share trading because it is immensely popular and very profitable if you get it right. And it is also not necessary that to become a share trader you need any specific educational qualifications. In fact, if you want to get a feel of trading you must try your hand at Bitcoin Loophole, an automated cryptocurrency trading software that offers you a chance of dealing with not only cryptocurrencies but also gains an entry into the trading world. There are several reviews online on these algorithm-based trading platforms; you can also Continue reading here to know more about this promising trading robot.

Share trading has a steep learning curve because it involves market analysis and understanding the trends and testing out strategies for the maximum profits. Hence any help before the actual trade will be helpful.

  1. Foreign Exchange: As a trader in foreign exchange you will buy specific amount in one currency and sell it in another currency and make a profit from the difference in exchange rate. A foreign exchange trader can be a one-man show or it can be a part of a larger investment firm which specializes in foreign exchange trading.




You must evaluate the risks involved in all kinds of trading and only then decide which market you want to specialize in and gain expertise. While share trading does seem interesting it is the riskiest forms of trading.


Debunk Trading Myths In 3 Easy Steps

The market is abounding with trading myths. Everyone seems to have a myth of his own and it all adds up to form a huge cycle of myths that never ends. The layman who might have no clue about trading seems to have 10 myths around it and you, as a trader, might feel hurt or insulted when these myths are hurled at you. Before these trading myths get to your mind, read about them here and debunk each one of them.

  1. Making fast-cash is your only target

This is the biggest and the most dangerous myth that one could think of. Making fast money seems to be a common aim and taking high risks for the same is even commoner. However, successful traders will always ask you to take it slow. Trading is more about enjoying the process and learning about it at the same time than taking big risks and losing a lot of money. Your target should be to minimize the risks as far as possible and understand the market deeply.

  1. You can’t crack a single trade without trading expertise

A lot of beginners are intimidated by the idea of trading because they believe that trading requires a great deal of expertise and experience. This is a myth. It is true that a certain level of trading does require some kind of experience to crack the technicalities but with automated trading bots in the market, even beginners can make a good amount of money without any prior experience.

One such software is the Ethereum Code. This software has an automated mode that places trades on your behalf. All you have to do is sign-up for free and have an initial deposit to start trading. This deposit will always remain in your account and you can withdraw it whenever you wish to. The Ethereum Code is meant for beginners as well as experts because it has an automated mode as well as a manual mode of trading.

  1. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t make it big

The size of your trading account is not directly related to your profits in the market. Even if you have a big account, you can lose all your money on the very first day if you are not careful. On the other hand, you can start with a small trading account and take calculated steps to make it a big account in a year or so. It entirely depends on how you place your trades and how the market behaves.

Do you have too much money?

It has never been easier than in the present to become rich. One trend that is catching up is the use of automated trading systems like the Ethereum code that provide a platform for the experienced and the novice to enter the field of trading and make profits. Find out more about this software and learn how to increase your wealth.

While making money seems to be really simple remaining wealthy has become a challenge for many with taxes skyrocketing. Not only that the wealthy always attract unscrupulous elements who are always on the lookout to rob the rich. Here are a few ways you can hope to retain your wealth.

  1. Lead a simple life: One of the most important rules that all those who wish to safeguard their wealth follow is to live a simple life. You do not have to flaunt your wealth. Begin with driving a car that is economical. Whenever possible take the public transport; this not only is beneficial for your pocket but also for the environment as your carbon footprint becomes smaller.

Live modestly, of course, that doesn’t mean giving up comforts and simple luxuries that give you pleasure but don’t be showy and attract undue attention. Simple living will not affect your bonus or salary increment which might otherwise suffer due to the unnecessary display of wealth as most people think why should the rich get any richer.

  1. Don’t let out real financial worth: There certainly will be times when you want to scream your wealth from the top of a building, but why attract the attention of unscrupulous friends and relatives besides alerting the taxman. It is nobody’s business to know how much your annual income is; it is better to keep your income under wraps. Not everyone will be happy with your success and often your wealth may stand in the way of your progress at your workplace.
  2. Have a diversified investment portfolio: The richest of the rich always diversify their assets to protect their wealth in case one fails, the others can still bail them out. Thus, don’t invest everything in real estate or private equity, cryptocurrencies etc. but spread it out evenly.
  3. Be charitable: Not everyone might be lucky like you and have tons saved in bank accounts and other assets. The world is full of unfortunate people who can do with a helping hand; give your time and money liberally to these people and you will find a new meaning in your life. You can set up a charitable trust for various causes across the city.


Things Related To KYC Norms For Ethereum Trading

Almost every country, actively participating in electronic money transactions has advised all its financial institutions to strictly follow certain customer identification procedure. The main purpose is to effectively monitor the transactions taking place and to report any suspicious nature to the concerned authority.

The compliance of financial firms with the standards like Anti Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism has indeed become necessary for international financial relations. A Master circular has been issued by the top monetary authority on ‘eKnow Your Customer’ or eKYC norm and Anti Money Laundering Act.

The main objectives of this circular include

  • To frame a policy based on recommendations from Financial Action Task Force and to abide by it
  • Prevent any kind of external elements from money laundering activities in a non-professional manner
  • To have a better understanding of its customers and their risk-free financial dealings
  • Create scheduled criteria for the customer acceptance
  • Establish steps to verify customer’s bonafide identity
  • Tracking of high-value exchanges especially that of immoral nature
  • To take appropriate measures against customers for conducting due diligence kind of transactions
  • Stick to the applicable law and regulatory guidelines
  • To constantly check whether staffs are well-informed and trained in norm procedures

The four vital elements of the eKYC policy include

  1. Procedures to accept a Customer:
  • Collecting data of borrowers including individual or firm to whom financial assistance is to be provided
  • Know about the investors who raise the financial resources
  • No dealings fictitious names or terrorist’s
  • No clients with criminal background
  • Necessary to submit filled-document
  • Timely verification is ensured
  1. Steps to Customer Identification:
  • Identity confirming documents are verified for maintaining financial relationships
  • It can be also performed during a transaction when the authenticity of the client is in doubt
  • Submit documents of address or location with photographs and signatures
  • Legal status of the client is also checked
  1. Regular Checking and Tracking of Transactions made
  • Considering the risk profile
  • Transaction records are preserved
  1. Effective Management Risk Elements
  • Reputation: This can be maintained only with the support of individual customers or investors
  • Compliance with banking operations
  • Operational failure due to any internal or external intruders or events
  • Internal Auditors make a regular check with regard to its functioning

This policy is made with regard to the welfare of customers and the soft copies or digital form is available as e-KYC which is important for online Ethereum trading. So read more about Ethereum Code and enjoy a successful and secure trading.










Delving Deeper Into The Subject Of Leverage In CFDs

The ‘Contract For Difference’ or CFD in short, is a steadily growing trading practice that has earnestly captured the attention of the eager traders, who are willing to experience an uncomplicated trading practice that is topped with profitability as the perk due to the powerful concept of leverage supporting it. Yes, CFD is assuredly an uncomplicated trading practice, where apart from its straightforward protocols, you are pleasingly exempted from owning the underlying asset physically, which in turn prevents you from facing too many inconveniences like, transportation (in case of commodities), storage, maintenance charges, security and so on.

With the added advantage known as the leverage, the merits of CFD trading practice has only increased multifold, which we are here to discuss a little detailed.

What is leverage?

Leverage is a concept of this CFD trading approach, in where, the trader is exposed to a worthier trading position, despite the lower trading capital and therefore, the ability to enjoy a more profitable outcome during a favorable scenario, and at the same time, to incur devastating losses during an unfavorable market scenario is very well possible.



How does it work?

Let’s understand this with a simple example. Let’s say you are eager to buy 100 shares of a company, whose per share price is 100$. If you are approaching to buy them using any traditional approach that devoid the concept of leverage, you are expected to pay 100×100 = 10000$ to acquire the required number of shares. If these shares make a profit of 20$ each, then your entire profitability stands at 2000$, whereas for a loss of 20$ each, your entire loss would be still 2000$ only.

If you have decided to approach these shares with the concept of CFD trading practice, where the margin requirement is only 10% as decided by the broker, you only have to pay 10% of 10000 that is 1000$ to open the position, appreciably. In the event of a profitable scenario, as discussed above, your profitability would be still 2000$, which is twice the invested amount. But, during a loss situation, you would lose twice your initial deposit, which needless to say is, devastating.

What can be traded

From the conventional stocks to contemporary cryptocurrencies, everything can be traded using the CFD approach, satisfactorily. With the surging growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies if you are so eager to trade them using this CFD trading approach then, do so with the help of automated trading platform like the Crypto VIP Club that can boost the profitability of your trading practice by accurately predicting the market movements, any day! To better know it’s working, this Crypto VIP Club review is the best!

Fortune favors only the brave!

Nothing will get done unless you make it happen!

These words still ring true. It has been twenty years since I heard my favorite teacher at school Mrs. Sequira tell them whilst she was taking a lesson in literature. I remember the story that she was teaching that day so vividly and the moral of the story, of course, has stayed with me all these years.

Life’s challenges:

Twenty years hence, who would have thought that challenges will come and shatter you still you need to pick yourself up and get at it again.

The recession was the worst phase of my life:

When the recession hit, I was not prepared. I never saw it coming. I had been deliberating to go back to college to equip myself with a further degree but I kept procrastinating. In the hindsight, I realize that I was lacking courage. I was scared that I would not be able to make it up with work and a year or two spent at the university albeit even part time would make me lose out in the corporate race with my contemporaries.

How wrong I was!
How I wish I had better equipped myself. The day the company starting downsizing I was on their first list of people to go home. There was nothing I could argue for my case. I was shattered and I collected my things to get back. That night was the worst ever.

A few days later, I read about online trading and checked out software called the QProfit System. I was too depressed to even do a background check on them. I put in the initial deposit of $250 and began trading.

Today, I think I was really reckless in putting my money there without even knowing what I was doing but hey! The best part was that this software not only turned out to be a legit one but it helped me gain my confidence back. It was like a game changer.

And I thought to myself: “Why not?”

This is exactly what I thought. Trading online and even being able to make a small amount as profit in the first week gave me immense confidence. I knew that losing my job was no big thing. There must be other things that I could do to survive. This confidence was enough to let me keep going. In a couple of months, I had perfected my trading skills, it is five years today and I can tell you that that first step into it made a big difference. You can read more about QProfit System on my blog. Follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The Technical Indicators Used In Trading Cryptocurrencies

Technical indicators are used widely when trading the market. Learn more about them. These are used to judge the direction of the security and the strength of the security. It is important to know that the technical indicators are lagging and thus they should not be used for making decisions but to support your trading signal.

Smoothed rate of change

This is a tool that compares the exponential moving average of today to the consensus on average at some time in the past. This is used to determine whether the attitude of the market is bearish or bullish.

Williams %R (Wm%R)

This tool uses the closing price of the security to compare it with a range of values or closing prices. TheWm%R will have a positive signal when the bulls are able to pull the market to the top of the recent range. TheWm%Rhas a negative signal when the bears are capable of pushing the market to the bottom of the range.


The stochastic technical indicator is used to measure the closing price with a range. If the bulls push the price of the security up during the day but are unable to close near the top then the stochastic will turn downwards and this will indicate a sell signal. The same happens when the bears push the price down but the close does not happen near the low of the day. A buy signal is then issued when this happens.

Relative strength index or RSI

The RSI is measured over a range of days around seven or nine days. This gives a result between 0 and 100. The 0 indicates an oversold position and 100 indicates an overbought position. Thus the RSI gives a bullish or a bearish signal to the traders.


Volume is an important technical indicator and this is used to judge the psychology of the market. This is used to measure the emotional state of the investor. Ahugevolumeindicateswinners and low volume do not show any significant response.

The longer-term trends happen when the emotions are low. When the volume is low then there is no roller coaster ride and the trend is thus likely to continue. This is the emotions in the market change.

Ina long-term trend any small change in price does not give rise to emotions. Even if there are a series of changes this will not cause any emotional reactions.


Make Money Using The Latest Technique

The online trading arena intrigues people with its huge profit making systems. Many a times the webpage and advertising is so attractive that people do not realize that it could be a scam. Almost everything appears genuine. Then how can a common man differentiate between the reliable and fake websites.

Now there are experts who test every website that is in the online trading space and they can test the same using their skills and tell the common people through their reviews, about which website can be trusted. We have checked many reviews and testimonials and confirmed that this new program called HBSwiss is a genuine program.

The special and secure platform for trading

Everyone using internet trading platforms needs to be careful but this system is very secure and uses super-fast technology to help the investors. The system is completely secure that ensures that there can never be any leak of information from this portal. The latest SSL encryption safeguards all the information and banking details and so an investor can trade using this platform without any worries. As the creator is an experienced trader himself, he has taken care of every nuance and small details. This makes it perfect for all kinds of people, be it newbies or seasoned traders. You can read the full report here for more information.

What makes it special?

An extraordinary combination makes it special. The program is complex, in fact it uses the latest technology and a very complex software program. At the same time, conversely the process of using it is so simple that anyone can easily use it to make money. The expertise of the developers ensures that everyone gets equal opportunities for trading and earning great profits.

Any investor should know the answers to these questions.

  • Are the past results genuine and if people are really making a profit using this system?
  • Can I set parameters about the money I want to use for trading?
  • Can I decide the stock that I place bets on?
  • Do I have a legit broker assigned?

When the answers to all these questions are in affirmative then you know that it is a genuine and reliable company and you can trust them to earn profits using your hard earned money.

Many expert traders have tried and they found that it provides above 87% success rate which is pretty impressive. A simple process of filling the registration form on the website can make you a member, if you are lucky enough to get one of the coveted slots as the number of slots is limited to make it exclusive. Try it as it completely free for every member and completely safe too. Once you start trading and make profits, then you will be amazed by its potential.

Cryptic Clues for Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and its mining have become the most popular topics of discussion in the last few years. This is a highly attractive area as everyone wants to make money. The stock market is a lucrative avenue but most people are apprehensive as they find it very complicated. A combination of virtual currency like Ethereum and its trading is something that seems impossible, and yet two genius minds have managed to create this magic for people like you and me. Using Ethereum Code, everyone can trade like a professional in the stock market and make money easily.

Many people have seen some binary trading options fooling people and therefore they are scared to try any new scheme as they think that what they read about Ethereum Code scam is true. We managed to find out everything about this system and are convinced that it is a gem among the various genuine programs as it is consistent and very resourceful.

Special features

  1. Automatic trading features
  2. Completely free
  3. Competent and genuine brokers
  4. Easy interface and clear instructions
  5. Cutting-edge technology
  6. No downloading required
  7. Any device can be used
  8. Any operating system can be used
  9. Super-fast
  10. Constant and efficient support team


More about the system

Actually, the list can go on and we can see that the system is really amazing. The fact is that it is an automated trading platform that anyone can use very easily. Once you pay $250 for the initial amount of deposit, you can start trading with the broker assigned to you. The robot does its job, continuously and follows all the parameters set by you. You can decide the amount that you would like to invest. After all, it is your money and the robot will bet only according to the instructions set by you.

It has been showing good successful signals in the very short span of time. Human brokers also try to use data and analyze the same to come up with helpful tips. But a robot can and does collect more data and detect the smallest changes in the prices of virtual currency in a fraction of the time spent by humans. Therefore, that provides an edge to the investors of this system.

It also gives you the freedom to transact and trade from any corner of the world. You can use any device, like laptop, mobile or tablets to log into your account and website and start trading. The system is completely protected with the latest SSL encryption. So your details and bank details are completely safe and secure.

We can conclude that it is a genuine system and you do not need to worry if you want to trade and mine Ethereum. Of course, as it is your money, you must read more about the mechanism of the system and understand it fully, before depositing your money and start trading.

Using the auto trading software

It is very easy to use the auto trading system. All that you need to do is to open an account and you will be connected to a broker.After that, you need to deposit the trading capital and then you are all set to go,

All the brokers who are associated with the automated trading software company are reputed and let you trade through the system without any hassle.

No need to download

The system works on servers that are secured it works 24/7. Thatis you can trade even when you are at work. All that you have to do is to set up your account once and then you can go ahead and trade. Since it does not need any downloading you do not have to waste time and expose yourself to the security risks.

Just go through the 2 easy steps

All that you have to do to start trading using an auto trading software is to:

  • Set up the free account
  • Deposit money with the trusted broker and then start trading

How does the auto trading software work?

The auto trading software uses advanced algorithms that use historical information from charts to analyze the trend and then determines what to trade in. The trading signals are given at absolutely no charge to the traders. You could also make some user-based settings on the platform such as whether you are ready to take high-risk trades, what your risk is on each trade and which asset class would you like to trade in.

You could make these settings that help to control your trading strategy and your trading profile.

Check this out to know the returns that you can expect when trading using the auto trading software.You could get consistent returns when trading using the software. However, it is important to know that the markets are volatile and thus there would be trades that could stop you out. Proper risk management and position size are taken care of in each trade so that you do not exceed your risk-taking limit.