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Fortune favors only the brave!

Nothing will get done unless you make it happen!

These words still ring true. It has been twenty years since I heard my favorite teacher at school Mrs. Sequira tell them whilst she was taking a lesson in literature. I remember the story that she was teaching that day so vividly and the moral of the story, of course, has stayed with me all these years.

Life’s challenges:

Twenty years hence, who would have thought that challenges will come and shatter you still you need to pick yourself up and get at it again.

The recession was the worst phase of my life:

When the recession hit, I was not prepared. I never saw it coming. I had been deliberating to go back to college to equip myself with a further degree but I kept procrastinating. In the hindsight, I realize that I was lacking courage. I was scared that I would not be able to make it up with work and a year or two spent at the university albeit even part time would make me lose out in the corporate race with my contemporaries.

How wrong I was!
How I wish I had better equipped myself. The day the company starting downsizing I was on their first list of people to go home. There was nothing I could argue for my case. I was shattered and I collected my things to get back. That night was the worst ever.

A few days later, I read about online trading and checked out software called the QProfit System. I was too depressed to even do a background check on them. I put in the initial deposit of $250 and began trading.

Today, I think I was really reckless in putting my money there without even knowing what I was doing but hey! The best part was that this software not only turned out to be a legit one but it helped me gain my confidence back. It was like a game changer.

And I thought to myself: “Why not?”

This is exactly what I thought. Trading online and even being able to make a small amount as profit in the first week gave me immense confidence. I knew that losing my job was no big thing. There must be other things that I could do to survive. This confidence was enough to let me keep going. In a couple of months, I had perfected my trading skills, it is five years today and I can tell you that that first step into it made a big difference. You can read more about QProfit System on my blog. Follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The Technical Indicators Used In Trading Cryptocurrencies

Technical indicators are used widely when trading the market. Learn more about them. These are used to judge the direction of the security and the strength of the security. It is important to know that the technical indicators are lagging and thus they should not be used for making decisions but to support your trading signal.

Smoothed rate of change

This is a tool that compares the exponential moving average of today to the consensus on average at some time in the past. This is used to determine whether the attitude of the market is bearish or bullish.

Williams %R (Wm%R)

This tool uses the closing price of the security to compare it with a range of values or closing prices. TheWm%R will have a positive signal when the bulls are able to pull the market to the top of the recent range. TheWm%Rhas a negative signal when the bears are capable of pushing the market to the bottom of the range.


The stochastic technical indicator is used to measure the closing price with a range. If the bulls push the price of the security up during the day but are unable to close near the top then the stochastic will turn downwards and this will indicate a sell signal. The same happens when the bears push the price down but the close does not happen near the low of the day. A buy signal is then issued when this happens.

Relative strength index or RSI

The RSI is measured over a range of days around seven or nine days. This gives a result between 0 and 100. The 0 indicates an oversold position and 100 indicates an overbought position. Thus the RSI gives a bullish or a bearish signal to the traders.


Volume is an important technical indicator and this is used to judge the psychology of the market. This is used to measure the emotional state of the investor. Ahugevolumeindicateswinners and low volume do not show any significant response.

The longer-term trends happen when the emotions are low. When the volume is low then there is no roller coaster ride and the trend is thus likely to continue. This is the emotions in the market change.

Ina long-term trend any small change in price does not give rise to emotions. Even if there are a series of changes this will not cause any emotional reactions.


Make Money Using The Latest Technique

The online trading arena intrigues people with its huge profit making systems. Many a times the webpage and advertising is so attractive that people do not realize that it could be a scam. Almost everything appears genuine. Then how can a common man differentiate between the reliable and fake websites.

Now there are experts who test every website that is in the online trading space and they can test the same using their skills and tell the common people through their reviews, about which website can be trusted. We have checked many reviews and testimonials and confirmed that this new program called HBSwiss is a genuine program.

The special and secure platform for trading

Everyone using internet trading platforms needs to be careful but this system is very secure and uses super-fast technology to help the investors. The system is completely secure that ensures that there can never be any leak of information from this portal. The latest SSL encryption safeguards all the information and banking details and so an investor can trade using this platform without any worries. As the creator is an experienced trader himself, he has taken care of every nuance and small details. This makes it perfect for all kinds of people, be it newbies or seasoned traders. You can read the full report here for more information.

What makes it special?

An extraordinary combination makes it special. The program is complex, in fact it uses the latest technology and a very complex software program. At the same time, conversely the process of using it is so simple that anyone can easily use it to make money. The expertise of the developers ensures that everyone gets equal opportunities for trading and earning great profits.

Any investor should know the answers to these questions.

  • Are the past results genuine and if people are really making a profit using this system?
  • Can I set parameters about the money I want to use for trading?
  • Can I decide the stock that I place bets on?
  • Do I have a legit broker assigned?

When the answers to all these questions are in affirmative then you know that it is a genuine and reliable company and you can trust them to earn profits using your hard earned money.

Many expert traders have tried and they found that it provides above 87% success rate which is pretty impressive. A simple process of filling the registration form on the website can make you a member, if you are lucky enough to get one of the coveted slots as the number of slots is limited to make it exclusive. Try it as it completely free for every member and completely safe too. Once you start trading and make profits, then you will be amazed by its potential.

Cryptic Clues for Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and its mining have become the most popular topics of discussion in the last few years. This is a highly attractive area as everyone wants to make money. The stock market is a lucrative avenue but most people are apprehensive as they find it very complicated. A combination of virtual currency like Ethereum and its trading is something that seems impossible, and yet two genius minds have managed to create this magic for people like you and me. Using Ethereum Code, everyone can trade like a professional in the stock market and make money easily.

Many people have seen some binary trading options fooling people and therefore they are scared to try any new scheme as they think that what they read about Ethereum Code scam is true. We managed to find out everything about this system and are convinced that it is a gem among the various genuine programs as it is consistent and very resourceful.

Special features

  1. Automatic trading features
  2. Completely free
  3. Competent and genuine brokers
  4. Easy interface and clear instructions
  5. Cutting-edge technology
  6. No downloading required
  7. Any device can be used
  8. Any operating system can be used
  9. Super-fast
  10. Constant and efficient support team


More about the system

Actually, the list can go on and we can see that the system is really amazing. The fact is that it is an automated trading platform that anyone can use very easily. Once you pay $250 for the initial amount of deposit, you can start trading with the broker assigned to you. The robot does its job, continuously and follows all the parameters set by you. You can decide the amount that you would like to invest. After all, it is your money and the robot will bet only according to the instructions set by you.

It has been showing good successful signals in the very short span of time. Human brokers also try to use data and analyze the same to come up with helpful tips. But a robot can and does collect more data and detect the smallest changes in the prices of virtual currency in a fraction of the time spent by humans. Therefore, that provides an edge to the investors of this system.

It also gives you the freedom to transact and trade from any corner of the world. You can use any device, like laptop, mobile or tablets to log into your account and website and start trading. The system is completely protected with the latest SSL encryption. So your details and bank details are completely safe and secure.

We can conclude that it is a genuine system and you do not need to worry if you want to trade and mine Ethereum. Of course, as it is your money, you must read more about the mechanism of the system and understand it fully, before depositing your money and start trading.

Using the auto trading software

It is very easy to use the auto trading system. All that you need to do is to open an account and you will be connected to a broker.After that, you need to deposit the trading capital and then you are all set to go,

All the brokers who are associated with the automated trading software company are reputed and let you trade through the system without any hassle.

No need to download

The system works on servers that are secured it works 24/7. Thatis you can trade even when you are at work. All that you have to do is to set up your account once and then you can go ahead and trade. Since it does not need any downloading you do not have to waste time and expose yourself to the security risks.

Just go through the 2 easy steps

All that you have to do to start trading using an auto trading software is to:

  • Set up the free account
  • Deposit money with the trusted broker and then start trading

How does the auto trading software work?

The auto trading software uses advanced algorithms that use historical information from charts to analyze the trend and then determines what to trade in. The trading signals are given at absolutely no charge to the traders. You could also make some user-based settings on the platform such as whether you are ready to take high-risk trades, what your risk is on each trade and which asset class would you like to trade in.

You could make these settings that help to control your trading strategy and your trading profile.

Check this out to know the returns that you can expect when trading using the auto trading software.You could get consistent returns when trading using the software. However, it is important to know that the markets are volatile and thus there would be trades that could stop you out. Proper risk management and position size are taken care of in each trade so that you do not exceed your risk-taking limit.

Do you need an investment advisor?

Forbes list of the top wealthiest people in the world is evidence enough to prove the might of the stock market. And nowadays with the growth of automated trading software like the Q Profit System, click here to know more, the chances of making money seem a lot simpler and within the reach of everyone. If it was that simple why isn’t everyone who invests in stocks or uses an automated software making money as expected? The business of dealing in stocks is a complex amalgam of mental acumen, market sense, and risk-taking behavior. If you wish to enter this fascinating field, than you need the help of an investment advisor.

Who is a registered investment advisor?

Investment advice can be given to anyone and everyone but what counts comes from the horses’ mouth – a Registered Investment advisor. This group of people is professionals registered with the Securities and exchange commission. The investment advisor takes your risk profile into consideration and presents to you investment assets suitable for your specific situation. Their job doesn’t end there; they monitor your investments and provide timely advice on how to tweak it based on the current economic and financial scenario.

What is the fee of an RIA?

RIA’s usually claim a percentage of the investment as their fee. All financial dealing with the RIA must be transparent and above board.

So, do I really need an RIA?

If your investments are small and you have the much-needed expertise in the field and the time to monitor your assets, choose investments and make the necessary changes when the market is volatile then you don’t need the advisor. But when the stakes are high and you have specific goals in sight a Registered Investment advisor becomes a necessity. Their knowledge of the market and its trends in a changing economic scenario will help you in managing your assets wisely and with minimal losses.

Benefits of an RIA

  • Provides an expert view on what to buy and what to sell and when to do that and get the best deal within the given circumstances
  • They can save you time
  • Help plan retirement
  • The chances of better returns are high.

Risks of an RIA

  • Fees can be expensive
  • They might not have your best interests at heart as many works on a commission basis with investment products.


Consider your specific needs and capabilities and the time that you can allocate to manage your investment portfolio and narrow down on a financial advisor of repute. Expert advice is always beneficial.

5 Popular Forex Trading Strategies

Indeed, the forex trading practice is the most sought-after trading practice due to the opportunities and the profits it offers. Not only that, attaining these benefits can be achieved conveniently using any one of the popular 5 strategies mentioned below as suitable to the respective trader.

  • Technical Analysis

This is one of the highly-followed trading strategies by the successful forex traders, in where the previous currency trends depicted on the chart are studied to determine the market’s suitability. The rationale offered by these traders to pursue this trading strategy is the market movement is predominantly determined by the supply-demand situation and/or by the mass psychology that can help to determine the respective currency movements.

Also, this approach is synchronous to the scientific way of dealing or studying an issue that encourages many of the logical traders to go for this forex trading strategy to attain their desired profits.


  • Fundamental Analysis

In this trading strategy, the traders study the fundamental indicators of the economy to decide the specific movements of the specific currency and how likely it is to be impacted in the future by the growth or decline of another currency. This strategy is only for the brave-hearts or the serious forex traders, who can study the complex system carefully to decide their further profitable forex trading actions.


  • Trend Trading

The famous quote, ‘The trend is your friend’ is never only a jest because many successful forex traders are indeed the trend followers, who have positioned their trade movements in accordance with the trend positions to only enjoy the needed profits. The specific trend regarding the currency, say the upward trend or the downward trend is determined with the help of a number of powerful tools that even makes the task of the trader much simpler and more accurate!


  • Range Trading

This strategy is based on this notion, where the particular price movement of a currency is expected to steadily follow under the range for a specific time period. The traders following this strategy would position their exit/entry points, accordingly within this range.


  • Algorithmic Trading

One of the trading strategies of the recent era that is slowly gaining the needed popularity is this algorithmic trading, where the forex traders depend upon the algorithmic predictions of a trading system to decide their profitable trading actions. The trading system whose actions are controlled by the powerful algorithm can offer you, the trader, the most effortless form of forex trading practice because, it can decide on your behalf, any day to attain the desirable trading benefits aka the profits. The only difficulty here is to find the reliable system like the Fintech Limited among the scammers to make sure, your trading ways are safe and successful!



What You Should Know About The Crypto Code

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the functioning of the Crypto Code then here is an article for you to keep in mind. The official website of the software has a promotional video displayed that helps you to find out more about the basics of the software. The process of designing and creating the software took close to 5 years. 4 whole years went into developing the Beta-testing method. The creator of the software has ensured that the system is extremely user-friendly and also equipped with useful features at the same time. All the features vary in their purpose and serve the different needs of different traders.

No need to download anything

This is by far the best feature of the software. You do not need to download anything since it is completely web-based. Yet another brilliant feature is its compatibility with all kinds of devices. This helps the software to be used even when you are on the go and need to place your trades. You can access the software from your phone, your laptop as well as your desktop.

Travel as much as you wish to

This software was originally created to help frequent travelers be accessible for trading. People who lead busy lives often end up cribbing about how they could do so much more if they had more time at their disposal. With this software, all that you need is a stable internet connection and a willingness to trade from anywhere at any point in time.

How Can You Sign Up?

This is the simplest part of the process. A system that is equipped with so many features and comes along with so many benefits must be difficult and complicated. This is what most beginners think and this is what drives them away from trying something new. Put away all your fears while signing up for this system because it is the easiest of all.

If you have registered for a Forex broker, you will understand its simplicity. All you have to do is enter your personal details on the registration form and you are done. Will you believe that the whole process is absolutely free of cost? Yes, it is! After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation mail that will contain an activation link. This link will take you to the booking platform where you will have to make the first deposit and then start the process of trading.

Minting Money Through FOREX Trading

Whether you are a newbie in the arena of stock trading or an experienced trader, would you like to make money the new revolutionary way? Do not worry about the scientific verbiage used on various portals. This is a new system for common people which is so simple that anyone can understand the process of investing and benefit from it.

What is this system?

This is a Binary option trading system, programmed to trade in FOREX. It helps brokers and investors by forecasting the trends in the market and is extremely advantageous for people as it can place bets automatically. This is the QProfit System, which is a great and genuine system to make money by trading in Forex.

The system works with the latest software. It can work on autopilot and help even the newbies trade in the complex world of foreign exchange. People have to open an account for trading with a nominal amount of $250 and immediately they will be assigned a broker. You do not have to worry as the brokers with a valid license help you to trade online.

Simple process and great returns

You can make enormous amounts of money through the computerized trading program. The system is very precise and uses the latest technology. It is user-friendly and the brokers affiliated with the system are legit and have valid licenses to trade online. While opening the trading account, you need to provide the basic details about yourself. It is a protected site and you can be sure that the information is secure.

The software works at great speed and can take all the decisions. You can deposit the money and allow the robotic system to takes over. You can control everything from the amount of money you want to deposit to the amount of money to be invested every day or how much would you like to withdraw from the system. Both depositing and withdrawal are fairly easy.

If you read the review of this system here, you will find that it is a consistent system of automatic trading as it makes use of the latest sophisticated technology and has earned lots of profit for the investors. Many websites have given positive reviews to this system. You must be careful about investing money in any avenue. After all, no one likes to lose money to scammers. But this is a great and genuine system that has been getting good reviews from the time of inception. Read as many reviews and testimonials as possible. Start small and then once convinced, then you can invest more money and continue to trade in this complex arena of FOREX and earn profits in the currency of your choice.


The Latest Code to Become Rich

Ethereum started becoming popular as a cryptocurrency a couple of years ago. It has managed to outshine many other existing currencies and has grown in value as well. Since its start, its value has appreciated many hundred times and it has made many people rich beyond their dreams. It is considered a trustworthy and reliable currency and people are trying to get their hands on some Ethereum somehow.

The valid way to get Ethereum.

There is one process where you do not need to be familiar with software techniques of making the cryptocurrency. As you might be aware that Ethereum needs to be minted using block chains on the internet, the process is complicated and takes very long, that too with strong servers and powerful internet.

Here is a trading platform that eliminates all these factors and simplifies the process for common investors. All they have to do is to register on the website of Ethereum code and start trading with the help of the assigned broker. That is all and soon they will see that they have accumulated enough cryptocurrency that can be easily converted to the currency of their choice. Find out more before investing.

Important Features of this Code

It is one of the latest trading platforms and has some amazing up-to-date features.

  1. Autopilot trading.
  2. Tax-free Earnings
  3. Latest cloud technology
  4. Super-fast
  5. Simple process
  6. Easy registration
  7. Free software
  8. Great reviews from people
  9. 24/7 customer care support
  10. Easy withdrawals

Process of trading with this program

It is a simplified yet sophisticated and upgraded version of the binary trading options. So many people might be familiar with the process. But for the uninitiated, we will explain it in brief. A person can register by giving the basic details about himself. These details include name, email id etc. and then a broker is assigned to him. The brokers are all tech-savvy, knowledgeable and efficient and above all they are legit.

This process is completely secure as you do not download any software on the computer. You just go online and start trading. A great feature is you can decide the risk level. Depending on your comfort, skills, and experience you can set the stop-loss level and select a risk level that you feel comfortable with. Another great tool is reverse trading. When you look at all these features, you can see that it is a great program to become rich, not overnight but gradually and it is possible to take advantage of modern software tools by using them efficiently.