Fortune favors only the brave!

Nothing will get done unless you make it happen!

These words still ring true. It has been twenty years since I heard my favorite teacher at school Mrs. Sequira tell them whilst she was taking a lesson in literature. I remember the story that she was teaching that day so vividly and the moral of the story, of course, has stayed with me all these years.

Life’s challenges:

Twenty years hence, who would have thought that challenges will come and shatter you still you need to pick yourself up and get at it again.

The recession was the worst phase of my life:

When the recession hit, I was not prepared. I never saw it coming. I had been deliberating to go back to college to equip myself with a further degree but I kept procrastinating. In the hindsight, I realize that I was lacking courage. I was scared that I would not be able to make it up with work and a year or two spent at the university albeit even part time would make me lose out in the corporate race with my contemporaries.

How wrong I was!
How I wish I had better equipped myself. The day the company starting downsizing I was on their first list of people to go home. There was nothing I could argue for my case. I was shattered and I collected my things to get back. That night was the worst ever.

A few days later, I read about online trading and checked out software called the QProfit System. I was too depressed to even do a background check on them. I put in the initial deposit of $250 and began trading.

Today, I think I was really reckless in putting my money there without even knowing what I was doing but hey! The best part was that this software not only turned out to be a legit one but it helped me gain my confidence back. It was like a game changer.

And I thought to myself: “Why not?”

This is exactly what I thought. Trading online and even being able to make a small amount as profit in the first week gave me immense confidence. I knew that losing my job was no big thing. There must be other things that I could do to survive. This confidence was enough to let me keep going. In a couple of months, I had perfected my trading skills, it is five years today and I can tell you that that first step into it made a big difference. You can read more about QProfit System on my blog. Follow the link at the bottom of this page.