Put In Lots Of Research Before Trading With An Auto-Trading Software

It is important that before you buy or start trading with Forex trading software you read more about CarbonFX and other auto-trading software. This will help you make an informed choice.

It is not uncommon for you to find robotic software that will promise a return of more than 90% but it is too hard to believe these numbers and at times it sounds very deceiving. You should make it a point that you check that the software is able to promise the level of accuracy on real time trades. Most of the times the software will publish such attractive numbers but you will later notice that these profit percentages are based only on simulated trading.


The trading results can be very different when the software trades in a live market. In a live market, the software has to cater to the chaotic movement in the market and the market may get very volatile. When the software is used for simulated trading, the parameters that may affect the real time market are controlled. The other important reason why one should judge the result in real time is because the simulated trading does not take into account the liquidity in the market. This is a very crucial element when trading in the market and cannot be ignored.


Simulated trading is easy to manipulate and in such cases the robot may be profitable most of the times. It is important that the performance of the Forex trading software is judged In real time.


The other thing that you should find out is how the robot is able to deal with order size limitation. There can be a number of order sizes and many software are capable of working well when the order size is certain. But if there is some change in the size of the order then the software can get very awry. You could check by placing different order sizes and then testing if the profitability percentage remains the same. In case there is a lot of deviation then you may not want to purchase this software.


Drawdown is another important factor that should be considered when trying Forex robot software. While some may prefer a 50% drawdown, other may prefer only 25%. You should check the drawdown and since it differs from one trader to the other you must look for software that matches your requirements.


It is only after checking these that you should start trading your hard earned money using an auto trading software.