The tale of two crypto’s

The tale of two crypto’s

The marketing world is largely impacted by the growth of Cryptocurrencies. 2017 growth in the crypto market saw millions of dollars pouring into the market. As it is continuously growing network, 2018 will also see the same trend in the market.

Over the last couple of years, cryptocurrency market has seen immense growth and the investors of the market have got incredibly successful. But it has not only given success but many have seen failures in the market as well. But in spite of these, the investors are still getting attracted to the market in search of the next big thing that can multiply their investment. From hundreds of Cryptocurrencies floating in the market, it is very difficult to predict which will bring fortune. In this piece, we will focus on two popular altcoins of the present market- Ethereum and Neo.

Both Ethereum and neo are high profile cryptocurrency and has got a massive group of supporters, they bank on both these coins. But the competition is expected to be tougher by 2018 if a new contender enters the market.

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs on blockchain and smart contracts, it is a robust computing platform that eliminates any chance of hacking, downtime, and censorship. Neo is also a blockchain platform and a digital identity that can digitize assets, it also uses smart contract to create a smart economy on a distributed network. From the definitions, both the coins may apparently look similar and both are created with the same objective of ruling the crypto industry but there is a subtle difference between the two.

Ethereum enjoys much popularity as it is supported by many tech companies and is a certified government agonist. Neo also enjoys the same attention from the public; it is China-based and focuses on the Chinese market. in spite of the fact that China is extremely unfriendly to the industry, Neo gets support from the banking sectors of the country.

The market is speculating that Ethereum and neo both have the potential to become next bitcoin. Both the currencies are gaining popularity in comparison to others in the market.  Ethereum is already adopted by the start-ups of western countries; NEO is totally concentrating on capitalizing china.

Now a valid question may come up as where to invest if both are so similar in behavior, it is really very tough to answer seeing the popularity of Ethereum and “smart economy” of neo. It will best to invest on that coin which can withstand maximum market risk. Click is it a scam to read more.